Lead Product - StatClip

Prototype & Use Verification Stage

Bloodborne pathogens are a growing problem, and hospital acquired diseases of concern include not only viral diseases like HIV and Hepatitis, but the huge numbers of antibiotic resistant diseases which are spiraling out of control. With over a billion procedures a year, Intra-Venous Catheterization (IVC) is the most common procedure in the world, and the most likely source of contaminated blood in hospitals and health care facilities.

Blood leaks during IVC proceedures about 35% of the time.

The reason this happens is that IVC insertion hasn't really changed in generations. It is a classic “3-handed” problem: Blood exposure occurs between the time a catheter is inserted into a vein and the intravenous fluid tubing is connected to the catheter because the nurse has to do three simultaneous things with only two hands. The resulting blood that leaks out exposes health care personnel to patient’s blood, increasing the risk of cross contamination and multiplying the incidence of hospital acquired infectionsV.

The StatClip address this problem with a simple externally applied clip which prevents blood from escaping when the needle is removed while the nurse is connecting the tubing and taping the set in place.